Circularity made easy.

Maximize your brand's profitability through circularity.
Prolong the lifespan of your pieces and open doors to new income avenues in the second-hand market.

Empower your business with

end to end traceability solutions.

Give each item its own Digital ID to support all business needs

 and unlock new possibilities throughout its lifecycle.

Stay ahead with sustainability.

Keep detailed records of your products and materials to showcase your commitment to ESG goals. Share effortlessly with a Digital Product Passport, building trust and transparency in your supply chain.

          Funded by the EU           Cirpass Affiliate

Forge Deeper Consumer Connections Through Tailored Experiences.

Unlock the potential of your products by 

tapping into a circular market.

Our clients

Driving technology for leading brands

Case study: 

Claro Cotoure

Explore how smart NFC tags have revolutionized Claro Couture's customer connections. Learn how they've provided traceability, showcased their process, materials, and commitment to sustainability, fostering a closer bond with their audience

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